Oreo’s Therapy

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Well O is doing good. She loves therapy as it is like a play date for her. It makes my heart happy that she loves going to Dr. Jarvis for therapy sessions. It eases my stress knowing she is in great hands. I am very excited for her water therapy to start next week. She is now on a diet to help lose weight to ease pressure on her legs.

Ha she’s “NOT” digging that all. This girl is my whole heart and I am so thankful I still have her and will sacrifice whatever I need to help her. She truly has overcome so much from being the abused rescue pup I adopted 8 years ago. I am blessed that this sweet and rugged girl picked ME! She has the bark of Staffy and the heart of a Border Collie. She’s is the perfect mix. She never gives up no matter how scared she is and I am so proud of her she is my hero she shows me nothing has to stop us.  I love you more than I can ever show you my sweet Oreo. She looks like Johnny Depp from Willie Wonka lol. Cold laser therapy day.




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3 thoughts on “Oreo’s Therapy”

  1. Hi Keli! Oreo looks super cool in her laser therapy goggles! I’m glad she enjoys her therapy sessions and hopefully she’ll love the water sessions, too! I feel her pain on the dieting issue, but it is so important to keep our 3-leggers lean. I’ve started cooking for Griffin to replace about half his kibble each day – ground meat, veggies, and cottage cheese are the basic ingredients and I can cook up about 10 portions in one shot. Please keep the updates of adorable Oreo coming – I enjoy following her progress! ~ Stacy

  2. You two make such a great team! I’m so hoppy that she’s in rehab and working so hard to make the most of life on three legs. Oreo’s lucky to have a great parent like you looking out for her. Keep it up! Love the photos, she’s such a smoochable pup.

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